Pocono Township Meeting Minutes


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January 7th - Regular

January 23rd  Regular

February 4th, Regular

February 6th, Special

February 19th, Special

February 19th, Regular

March 4th, Regular

March 19th, Special

March 19th, Regular

April 1st, Regular

April 15th, Regular

April 16th, Sewer

May 1st, Sewer

May 6th, Regular

May 20th, Regular

June 3rd, Regular

June 17th, Regular

July 1st, Regular




January 3rd Reorganizational

 January 3rd  Regular

January 17th, Regular

January 28th, Special

February 1st, Cond. Use NCC

February 6th, Regular

February 21st, Regular

March 5th, Regular

March 7th, Special

March 14th, Special

March 19th, Regular

April 2nd, Regular

April 4th, Special

April 16th, Regular

April 18th, Work Session

May 2nd, Special

May 10th, Special

May 21st, Regular

May 31st, Work Session

June 4th, Regular

June 6th - Sewer Informational

June 18th, Regular

June 20th - Sewer

July 2nd - Regular 

July 10th - Sewer

July 16th - Regular

August 1st - Special

August 6th - Regular

August 28th - Special

Sept 10th - Special

Sept 17th - Regular

October 1st - Regular

October 3rd - Special

October 15th - Regular 

October 16th - Special

November 5th - Regular

November 7th - Special

Nov. 19th - Regular

Nov. 20th - Special

Dec. 3rd - Regular

Dec. 5th - Special

Dec. 17th - Regular

Dec. 18th - Special

Dec. 27th - Special



January 3rd Reorganizational

January 3rd  Regular

January 4th Sewage

January 18th

January 18th Sewage

January 24th Sewage

January 28th Sewage

February 7th

February 8th Sewage

February 15th Sewage

February 23rd

March 1st Special

March 7th Regular

March 15th Sewage

March 15th Sewage Bids

March 21

March 29th Sewage

April 4th, Regular

April 12th, Sewage

May 2nd, Regular

May 3rd, Sewage

May 10th, Sewage

May 16th, Regular

May 24th, Sewage

June 6th, Regular

June 7th, Sewage 

June 20th, Regular

June 21st, Sewage

July 5th, Regular

July 5th, Sewage

July 18th, Regular

July 19th, Sewage

July 26th, Sewage

August 1st, Regular

August 2nd, Sewage

August 15th, Regular

August 16th, Sewage

August 29th, Special

August 30th, Sewage

September 6th, Regular

September 19th, Regular

September 21st, Material Bid 

September 26th, Special

September 27th, Special

September 28th, Special

October 3rd, Regular

October 11th, Special

October 17th, Regular

October 25th, Special

November 7th, Regular

November 9th, Special

November 21st, Regular

November 22nd, Special

December 5th, Regular

December 6th, Special

December 19th, Regular

December 20th, Special

December 30th, Budget




 Supervisors 2010

January 4th Reorganizational

January 4th Regular

January 19th, Tuesday

February 1st

February 16th

March 1st

March 15th

April 6th

May 3rd

May 17th

June 7th

June 21st

July 6th

July 19th

August 2nd  

August 16th - BIDS SHEET

August 24th Bids

September 7th

September 20th

September 28th Special

October 4th

October 18th

November 1st

November 15th

December 6th

December 20th

December 23rd, 2011 Budget Meeting





Supervisors         Meeting Minutes 2009


January 5th

January 20th

February 2nd

February 17th

March 2nd

March 16th

April 6th

May 4th

May 18th

June 1st

June 15th

July 6th

July 20th

August 3rd

August 17th

September 8th

September 21st

October 5th

October 19th

November 2nd

November 16th

December 7th

December 21st

December 31st








January 14th

February 11th

February 25th

March 11th

March 25th

April 8th

April 22nd

May 13th

June 10th

June 24th

July 8th




January 14th Reorganizational

January 23rd

February 13th

February 27th

March 12th

March 26th

April 9th

April 23rd

May 14th

June 11th

June 25th

July 9th

 July 23rd cancelled

August 27th

Sept. 10th

October 22nd

November 12th

November 26th

December 10th